Palletized Lots Sitka Spruce Billets, Curly Redwood Billets, Tonewood, and more...

I still have a *lot* of nice wood left over from 40 years of collecting--available for pickup here on Orcas Island, or shipped via truck…
No more UPS/USPS/FedEx for me.
Enough already.

A pallet is usually 4’ x 4’ x 4’, and consistancy is the key…It’s nice to dial in soundboard plates using one tree, for instance.

All prices are FOB Orcas Island, Washington.
Email me with any questions, or more detailed info about the wood.

Last updated 1/31/24...


Lot #106:  California Sitka cellos...

In over 40 years of cutting up Sitka logs, I have never even laid eyes on one from California.
Beautiful split, hard-to-the-fingernail, silky, with some curly figure to make it interesting.
The tree was off-center, so there are some tight grained billets and some wider grained.
Split out into 3-3.5” billets.

40 hand-split tops, maybe 10 requiring winging (8” on the face or so).
You’ll also get wood for blocks and bars.




Lot #108:  200 sets in Bigleaf Maple for F5 mandolin, violin, or for resawing ukulele sets.
15” x 5.5” x 1” (x2).
Medium figure--nothing psychedelic.
Scaled at 15 bucks per set.




Lot #112:  Doesn’t get any better than this...

Hand-split redwood billets for mandolins or dulcimers.
32-36” long, 6” wide on the face, very tight graining, hard-to-the-fingernail--just beautiful stuff.
Much dryer than most of the sinker redwood I’ve been running into lately--great for shipping.
Scaled at 130 mandolins--you’ll get more.

IMG 0151
IMG 0152



Lot #116:  A nice stash of curly redwood for milling electric guitar sets

The grain is not tight enough (12 GPI or so) or dead-on quartered enough for milling archtop or flattop sets…but the figure is as good as it gets…

Approximately 125” of resawable thickness…8”+ faces…24” lengths…
Scaled at 40.00 per thickness inch...

IMG 2467
IMG 2466
IMG 2468



Lot #118:  100 handsplit California redwood mandolin tops…
Tight graining, nice split, lightweight wood all split from the same tree…nice stuff.




Lot #119:  A nice stash of Western Red Cedar for milling flat top guitar tops.  

Would be nice for archtops as well

Approximately 140” thickness inches of resawable thickness for milling jumbo flattops…

Tight graining, hard-to-the-fingernail, even coloring, straight graining...

IMG 4956 3
IMG 4957 3
IMG 4950 3